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Hi, We’re Kristyn and Stephanie and we’re the co-founders of well:body Tribe.  We are functional wellness educators and we take you from feeling burnt-out, stagnant, and uninspired to living a thriving, lifted, and vibrant life.  Our approach is simple.  1) Use evidence based research to identify the root cause of your health concerns.  2) Develop a practical plan to help you heal.  3) Introduce you to one of the only functional wellness membership spaces available for community support, access to wellness mentors from around the world, and an invitation to a database of wellness courses…and it’s very affordable.

Welcome to well:body Tribe. 

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Looking for a way to enrich your knowledge, improve your health and simplify your wellness journey?  We offer a dynamic and comprehensive membership program to support you wherever you are on your path to wellness.  

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The transformation to a healthier life begins and ends here.  Join us on one of our upcoming retreats to fully embrace all that well:body Tribe has to offer.