Why We Started well:body Tribe


Like many others out there, you’re probably in the same position as we were: unsatisfied with your health, looking for alternative answers in a never-ending parade of blog posts and well-meaning advice from friends, and wondering if it will really treat your problems.

Between the two of us, (hi, we’re Stephanie and Kristyn!), we’ve experienced body image issues, low energy (really it’s more accurately debilitating exhaustion and fatigue), cravings, weight issues, an autoimmune diagnosis, hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, kids with food allergies, yo-yo dieting, hyperemesis gravidarum, inconsistent nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies, self-sabotaging habits, and unbelievable amounts of physical and emotional stress. When we tell you, “We get it,” we really, really get it.

We knew we weren’t the only ones with this thinking. What would have made it easier for all of us?

A tribe.

After living through years of unanswered questions, frustration, trial and error, and self-guided guinea pig style protocols, we did two things. 1) Got a bunch of certifications and schooling to learn how to help ourselves and others. 2) Started a movement called well:body Tribe where we teach and encourage others to accept themselves while providing real, practical wellness information so that real change can take place. We’re here to address the root cause of what is holding you back and to help you find answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself for a really long time.