Elimination Diet How To's

The phrase "elimination diet" is a buzz word in the functional medicine community for good reason.  Simply put, an elimination diet requires the removal of certain foods from the diet in order to test sensitivity to that specific food item(s) upon reentry back into the diet.  This step is a MUST if healing is to occur because it helps to reduce inflammation and allows the gut a chance to start healing.  This approach works extremely well for those with an autoimmune condition and/or other chronic symptoms associated with inflammation or toxicity.


Learn how to implement an elimination diet

Using the printable guide below, test trigger foods that may be holding you back.  Removing high inflammatory foods are necessary to move forward with any healing protocol because if you're reacting to a food in your system, your immune system will always be heightened and your gut will never be given a chance to heal.  In this video, common trigger foods are mentioned so you have a good place to start!