Foundational First Steps

Everything that lasts  starts with a strong foundation.  Without core principles, intuitive lifestyle habits or the willingness to learn, a wellness journey is never anything more than a dream. 

Welcome new members!  We are so excited to have you with us on your wellness journey!  In this mini-course you will find everything you need to get started so that you can utilize everything Rise UP has to offer right away!

The main objectives of Foundational First Steps are as follows:

  1. Identify your starting point so that an objective plan can be developed (we will help you with this on your NEW MEMBERS call!).

  2. Reset your body with a strong nutritional base so that you feel results right away.

  3. Gain a basic peek into using aromatherapy topically to address fatigue.

  4. Learn how to detox your body properly while transitioning to a cleaner diet

  5. Learn what conventional tests to request from your doctor!


module 1 - First steps

Watch this video to learn about your first steps moving forward.  And if you haven't joined us over in our Rise UP closed FB group, click the button below to request access! 

WBT Curiosity Cards.png

module 2 - client workbook

To determine your starting point, please fill out our client workbook.  You'll have a place to record starting weight, measurements and symptoms along with questions related to goal setting and intentions!  

Bring this completed workbook to your NEW MEMBERS call and if you'd like us to take a look at it beforehand feel free to email it to us at

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MOdule 3 - 21 day reset program

To make the biggest impact and change right out of the gates, we'd like you to participate in this nutrition based 21 day reset program!  It's a program to get you eating more whole foods and less processed foods - and if you're already doing that, you'll still love adding new recipes to your routine!  Each week comes with a beautiful downloadable guide, shopping list and easy to use recipes!  Enjoy!  And when you post on social media make sure you tag us @wellbodytribe - we'd love to showcase your creations!


MODULE 4 - energizing roller ball

Try your hand at mixing up some essential oils to help you get over that mid-day slump!  The combination of these particular oils came out of a recent clinical study testing which blends had the best impact on those suffering from fatigue and low energy due to hypothyroidism.  Watch the demo and print out a copy of the recipe below! 


Module 5 - Properly detox your body

When changing to a cleaner diet it's normal to experience detox symptoms as your body adjusts to its new norm.  In order to support the pathways that allow for the elimination of toxins, consider implementing some of these protocols to help your body reach it's full potential!


Module 6 - Lab work

If you’re feeling crummy without understanding why, some of the answers may actually lie within your blood work. In this class, learn about the tests that you can request from your doctor and the difference between getting them read conventionally vs. functionally.