Integrative Group Coaching

$49 per month

We're going against the traditional wellness grain a bit with this one, but we are offering a powerful group coaching experience for women who just want to be better versions of themselves.  We are setting the bar high because this experience is for anyone who meets the following criteria:

1. Those looking for a tribe.  We have a set number of wellness modules that we will review over the course of the next three months, but the real learning comes from knowing your tribe, learning more about yourself and connecting in ways with other women that only comes from real, raw experiences.  Prepare to really show up with the true version of who you are and where you want to go because when you get there, the celebration is going to be fun, powerful and life-changing! xoxo

2. Those looking for true transformation.  This is not your magic pill approach to health.  We ask for commitment from our clients who are willing to make change.  This change in your life can be as slow as a snail's pace or a mad dash to a complete wellness overhaul.