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Thank you so much for spending time with us at our live event! We enjoyed our time spent with you, but would love more! We are giving you the chance to get your questions answered and to a part of something powerful - a growing tribe of women who are striving to better themselves each day, just like you. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to nurture the growth of so many wellness journeys and we want nothing more than for you to have that, too. SO for a limited time only, we are offering you a chance to join our membership at 50% off the regular price of $30 a month. You can join today for only $15 a month! We’re excited to see you inside the tribe!


Stephanie & Kristyn

Are you ready to start feeling better?

You’re here because you need a plan, you need guidance and you need solutions that are simple, but produce results. Your health isn't something that's separate from you. Your health IS you. That’s why we’ve created Rise UP. We partner with you to provide you with the plan that YOU need to reverse your wellness path. Whether you need to regain energy and vitality, support thyroid disorders, reverse digestive distress, learn how to naturally combat the flu and/or balance hormones, we can support you. Take out the guesswork, remove the overwhelm and start feeling motivated and encouraged with a tribe by your side.





Rise UP is an online Functional Wellness Membership designed to educate its participants on evidence-based, functional health approaches specific to their unique situation and goals.

You'll receive specific action steps to get you where you want to be. No guess work, just the how, a little bit of the why, and a whole lot of clarity and accountability.



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One awesome membership experience.

Monthly CoachinG Circle Calls

This  call is to support you and answer your questions. Here's where we'll dive into your goals and give you an action plan that works for you in a real life, practical way that doesn't feel restrictive or unattainable. 

Class recordings

Access to all recorded masterclasses and past group coaching call recordings via the Facebook membership group.   You also have the option of pre-submitting questions for our monthly group coaching call ahead of time.  This option is great if you know you can't make the call live - we answer your questions for you anyway, which are then available in the recording.

Path to Wellness Masterclasses

Masterclasses in the form of Zoom calls or FB Lives complete with unique challenges and supporting materials to propel you forward in specific areas that you can pick and choose to layer in with your personal goals.  Examples of previously recorded masterclasses are: Functional Guide to Hot Flashes, The Skin's Microbiome, Hormones & Acne, Osteopenia & Bone Health.  We add new recordings weekly and they are developed based off our member's questions and concerns.  

Private Facebook Group

A private group specifically for the Rise Up tribe where demos, recipes and continued support will be shared while you're in the program. This is another great place to ask your questions in between sessions and is one of the most powerful components of the program. You will learn, form relationships and take your life to the next level. 

Mentor Series

As a BONUS to your enrollment, you'll also receive access to our premium mentoring series, featuring some of the best coaches and experts in the field of health & wellness from around the world.  Here are a few of our 2018 mentors and workshop titles:  

  1. Compassionate Self Forgiveness with Kimmay Caldwell

  2. Intuitive Self-Care with Stacey Hagan

  3. Creating Positive Body Image with Becky Yee

  4. A Different Approach to Chiropractic Care with Hiral Patel

  5. The Healing Power of Acupuncture with Jen Yocum

  6. Goal Trauma with Josipa Singh

  7. Sustainable Success with Lorraine Hamilton

  8. Traumatic Incident Reduction: Methods for Permanently Eliminating the Negative Effects of Past Traumas with Aimee Ruland

  9. and many more......

Private Membership Site

A Private Membership site where courses, recordings and challenges are housed for your convenient access. See below for more detail regarding what’s housed inside the membership site:


Foundational First Steps

healthy skin from the inside-out

More coming soon!

Discounts on Private Services

As a Rise UP member, you will receive discounts on private services and products not offered anywhere else.  Below are a few examples:

20% off any Puro Co. product

20% off a Private Blood Chemistry Analysis session

20% off a private Clinical Aromatherapy session

15% off Buffalo Gal Organics Skincare Line

30% off Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy Session(s)

Meal Planning database

24/7 access to Rise UP's meal planning database with a variety of healthy meal plans, shopping lists and recipes all downloadable in a beautiful digital files.  This unique access will provide a wide range of meal plans such as Paleo, Egg-free, Plant based, Gluten-free, Low glycemic and much more!

 Aromatherapy Database

Yup. Believe it.  Not only can you get your meals planned, but you can also get expert advice on how to properly and safely use essential oils for any area of your life from a clinical aromatherapist.  There's no better place to get your EO info.

 Resource library

As a PLUS member, you'll also get free access to all of our e-books, which you will be able to download in your membership site.  Collectively, our books have been read by hundreds of people who want the best when it comes to integrative wellness.  And they can all be yours as part of the PLUS membership.  Recent additions include: Adaptogens: A Holistic Approach to Healing and Healthy Holiday Eats: A Cookbook of Healthy Holiday Traditions


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IMG_8831 2.JPG

Kristyn & stephanie

founders of well:body tribe

Today, you can start working on the rest of your life because getting healthy and feeling well isn't separate from life.  Your wellness impacts your relationships, your job, your longevity, your mood, your outlook...EVERYTHING. 

To say "we get it" is an understatement.

We are your fellow warriors and just like you we have to make the choice to Rise UP each day to be better and to live life more freely than we did the day before.  We're also your leaders.  However, to get to this point we had to survive trials, health scares, concerns, and figure out how to make sense of life while feeling overwhelmed, confused and hopeless.  


kristyn bango

Kristyn's mission is to teach women how to safely and effectively incorporate alternative wellness practices into their lives that actually work. Her passion is to help women lead happier healthier lives that trickles down to their families. Kristyn has seen the huge impact that evidence-based alternative practices and dietary changes can have on lives, first hand. After years of struggling with being overweight and unhealthy, she has be able to lose over 80lbs, manage and heal from hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, improve her gut health, and find the balance in her own life. In her family, she has watched her children become increasingly more healthy and learned cope with life-threatening food allergies and combat common illness, eczema, and food sensitivities.

Kristyn obtained her certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist through Franklin Institute of Wellness and is a trained master herbalist from Vintage Remedies, where she is now an instructor with her own course. After completing her training, she turned her attention to helping her tribe implement similar practices in their own life.  She is currently receiving her diploma in Dietary Supplement Science through Franklin Institute of Wellness.

stephanie wharton

Stephanie's mission as a wellness practitioner is to use nutritional therapy and whole body interventions to address and reverse chronic issues so that her clients can focus on longevity and living well.  She works one on one with clients but also leads group coaching sessions, challenges, workshops, wellness retreats and will soon be teaching nutrition classes at UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. 

Stephanie's background is in education with a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Gifted Education.  After spending a decade in the school system she transitioned her teaching to be more wellness based and received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  She then received more specialized training in the area of thyroid health from Full Potential Living as a Thyroid Health Coach.  She is also a member of the International Association for Health Coaches and the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. 

Recently, Stephanie also received advanced training in Blood Chemistry Analysis and has become Board Certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is currently in training to receive certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.



This program is fantastic and exactly what I need - guidance, accountability, encouragement and support. As coaches, Kristyn and Stephanie are very knowledgeable, make themselves readily available and provide a wealth of resources and support. I love that they are both so down-to-earth and truly passionate about what they do. I’ve also learned a lot from others in our group when we share on live calls and on the private FaceBook page. I’m so grateful to have found Kristyn, Stephanie and the Rise Up program and look forward to continuing with the “tribe”. Thank you!

My favorite thing about the live calls is they help to keep me focused and set me on the path to succeed with my plan. I love how open and honest it gets and how real everyone is!

It's given me the accountability I need to help me stay on track and the knowledge base of Stephanie and Kristyn to help me set achievable goals has made a great impact on my peace of mind. I'm so thankful for their expertise and guidance!




When you click that join button amazing things begin to happen.

We'll see you in the TRIBE


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How does the payment work? What happens after I sign up?

Great question! By signing up, you’ll officially be part of the Tribe. Since the program is a membership, you’ll be billed each month on the same day. Because it takes time and consistency to see improvements in your health, we recommend that you commit yourself to the program for at least six months. Although, once you’re in, we don’t think you’ll ever want to leave your Tribe of super supportive women! All that said, you’re free to cancel at any time after the first three months.

What is your cancellation policy?

Are you thinking of leaving us before we've even gotten started? 

We're only joking! We make it easy to cancel anytime after the first three months. Because we want you to give this program your ALL, we ask that you commit yourself to that three month minimum. After that, you can cancel whenever you’re finished with us. (Spoiler Alert: you may never want to leave)

I'm so tired, I feel like I've tried everything! What if it's too late to change? Is it worth it?

Okay, the answer to this one is pretty straight forward. WHAT’S your alternative? To continue on a downward spiral with your health? Or keep going to doctors who have no answers for you? To continue to put everything else above yourself?  We're not here to make promises that we can't keep. Committing to Rise UP will not be easy. YOU have to do the work and commit to put in the work in order to see the results.  Rising up is ALWAYS worth it!

The truth is, only YOU know what your health, life, and well-being is worth to you. We're simply here to help you get there, and this is your invitation to take a step in the right direction. (And don't worry you have your whole tribe here to support you) And if you feel like you need permission to finally start putting yourself first, permission granted. 

Is this program mailed to my home? 

This is a fully online program – and it’s accessible anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet, or desktop computer! (Or even your smartphone!) Just 15 minutes after purchase you’ll get an email giving you access to your membership materials and our private Facebook group!

How long do I have to be in the Rise Up Wellness Coaching Program to see results?

This varies from person to person. We look at the whole health of a person and work to identify the root cause. So we can't always guarantee you a quick fix, even though it does happen.  What we can offer you is the opportunity to create real sustainable healing.  Your results and the time required within the program depends on two things: your individual case and your commitment.

Do you offer refunds?

This program is billed monthly so you can cancel or rejoin anytime after that initial 3-months. However, we do not provide refunds due to the amount of digital content available in the membership site. As long as you cancel your membership, you will not be billed. If you have any additional questions about this you can email our support team hello@wellbodytribe.com

If I have more questions how do I access you?

Our monthly Q&A calls are designed just for that – so you can get all of your questions answered on the spot! In addition, we have a very active online community and are highly responsive to your questions. And of course, if you decide you need more one-on-one (or two) support, you can book a private session with us anytime throughout the program, as often as you need. If you have more questions regarding billing and payment, or the program you can email our support team at hello@wellbodytribe.com