Rise UP

a sisterhood of women, growing, learning, and doing life together.  

Our Mission at well:body Tribe is to start a movement where women join together to raise each other up. Our dream is to a hold space where women can learn and grow in pursuit of creating health and wellness on their own terms.


Here’s what it is & what you’ll get.

no. 1 : the Sister Tribe

As part of the sisterhood, you are immediately surrounded by a tribe of the most supportive, uplifting, and genuine women from around the world. This part of the program is set up using a closed Facebook group that you have lifetime access to. This community is where we do life together inside well:body Tribe. It’s simply amazing!

no. 2 : health, wellness & healing

In this community you’ll gain access to interviews from leaders and experts who are shaking up the way we think about health. Being part of the community means you get to ask question and participate in conversations that will change the way you think about your health.


Rise UP

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Being in well:body Tribe means becoming the woman you were meant to be so you can focus on what really matters to you.

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Kristyn & stephanie

founders of well:body tribe

Today, you can start working on the rest of your life because getting healthy and feeling well isn't separate from life.  Your wellness impacts your relationships, your job, your longevity, your mood, your outlook...EVERYTHING. 

To say "we get it" is an understatement.

We are your fellow warriors and just like you we have to make the choice to Rise UP each day to be better and to live life more freely than we did the day before.  However, to get to this point we had to survive trials, health scares, concerns, and figure out how to make sense of life while feeling overwhelmed, confused and hopeless.  

When we tell you, “We get it,” we really, really get it.

If you're ready and committed to start taking care of yourself and to leave your past behind, we invite you to join our tribe. 

kristyn bango

Kristyn's mission is to teach women how to safely and effectively incorporate alternative wellness practices into their lives that actually work. Her passion is to help women lead happier healthier lives that trickles down to their families. Kristyn has seen the huge impact that evidence-based alternative practices and dietary changes can have on lives, first hand. After years of struggling with being overweight and unhealthy, she has be able to lose over 80lbs, manage and heal from hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, improve her gut health, and find the balance in her own life. In her family, she has watched her children become increasingly more healthy and learned cope with life-threatening food allergies and combat common illness, eczema, and food sensitivities.

Kristyn obtained her certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist through Franklin Institute of Wellness and is a trained master herbalist from Vintage Remedies, where she is now an instructor with her own course. After completing her training, she turned her attention to helping her tribe implement similar practices in their own life. 

stephanie wharton

Stephanie's mission as a wellness practitioner is to use nutritional therapy and whole body interventions to address and reverse chronic issues so that her clients can focus on longevity and living well.  She works one on one with clients but also leads group coaching sessions, challenges, workshops, wellness retreats and will soon be teaching nutrition classes at UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. 

Stephanie's background is in education with a M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and Gifted Education.  After spending a decade in the school system she transitioned her teaching to be more wellness based and received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  She then received more specialized training in the area of thyroid health from Full Potential Living as a Thyroid Health Coach.  She is also a member of the International Association for Health Coaches and the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. 

Recently, Stephanie also received advanced training in Blood Chemistry Analysis and has become Board Certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 



This program is fantastic and exactly what I need - guidance, accountability, encouragement and support. As coaches, Kristyn and Stephanie are very knowledgeable, make themselves readily available and provide a wealth of resources and support. I love that they are both so down-to-earth and truly passionate about what they do. I’ve also learned a lot from others in our group when we share on live calls and on the private FaceBook page. I’m so grateful to have found Kristyn, Stephanie and the Rise Up program and look forward to continuing with the “tribe”. Thank you!

My favorite thing about the live calls is they help to keep me focused and set me on the path to succeed with my plan. I love how open and honest it gets and how real everyone is!

It's given me the accountability I need to help me stay on track and the knowledge base of Stephanie and Kristyn to help me set achievable goals has made a great impact on my peace of mind. I'm so thankful for their expertise and guidance!